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Jigsaw Jams

DJ Service

15 Years of outstanding performance

Serving the Michigan area

Phone (989) 277-9611

E-mail   jigsawjams@yahoo.com

Location: Flint Michigan 

We Accept Credit Card Payments


    Jigsaw Jams provides quality music for private parties, schools, retirement, weddings, or any other special event you may have.   

       Oldies, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000-2010s top 40, Rock, Rap, Country, Dinner

    Our goal is to create an enjoyable musical experience for our customers, by personalizing a package given their requirements. We know that no two events are the same so we do not expect our productions will be either.

What sets Jigsaw Jams Apart from other DJ's

     Jigsaw Jams DJ Service is a club style entertainment.  We use the latest digital turn tables to mix and remix your night live. (We are not just a push play DJ)  

    We will work with you from start to finish, and make sure you feel 100% confident about the service you will be receiving.  We  have the experience to provide you with a worry free performance. We do not do this as a hobby, Jigsaw Jams is a professional business, and you will receive a professional performance. 

      Jigsaw Jams is not your typical DJ Service, we specialize in 5 major areas

1: Making sure your event is successful and remembered. 

You do not become a great DJ over night it comes with experience. We know this because we all had to start somewhere. At the beginning was a learning experience, with performing at many weddings and parties you learn how to make an event successful. As a professional DJ you learn how to read a crowd so you can play the right music to fit that specific event.  We also MC and make all the announcements to give your night a professional flow.  A DJ can make or break your event donít let your event be your DJís first performance!

2: Sound reinforcement, making the music the best it can possibly sound. 

We provide top of the line professional sound equipment for all events, large or small.  We will ask you some questions about your event and we will take the information you provide us to figure out the best sound system for your event. You don't want a system to small or to big.  If you would like more information about our equipment please give us a call. 

3: Lighting, we can do custom light shows for an unbelievable experience. 

All our lighting is controlled by DMX ( computer controlled ). This gives us control over all the lights and what we want them to do. Our lighting is professional and will fill small to large rooms with bright, rich and colorful lighting effects.  Our lighting is perfect for mood setting, slow dancing and fast dancing.

4: Video Slide show, we can create a specialized video for your event.  Jigsaw Jams can set up a projector and a large screen for your event. With the purchase of the slide show you have the projector and screen for your whole event. We can do many different things, after the slide show we can display a live video of the dance floor on the screen, and if you want we can record the activity on the dance floor and make you a nice video that you can keep. If you have any questions please contact us.

Let Jigsaw Jams make you a special video slide show for your convenience. All we need from you is the pictures. The video will be made to a DVD that you keep. Please call for a personal quote every slide show is different so price will very depending on what you want done. 

5: Up Lighting. 

Let Jigsaw Jams turn your venue into a breathtaking atmosphere.  We use the latest technology in up lighting, 3 watt led's that will fill any size room with any color of your choice.  also for the dancing hour's we can program the lights to change color, strobe and go to the beat of the music to give you a night that nobody will ever for get. for more details please call 989-277-9611

    We are very excited about the opportunity to serve you. We have a vast collection of popular music in digital format on hard drives that are played through the latest DJ Turn Tables We will have backups of my music library and sound equipment on hand to insure continuity, should there be a hardware failure.

    All sound and lighting equipment is new or like new. We are continuously updating the equipment and our music library.




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